Brass Bonanza is our ringtone.

We believe WE NOT ME isn't just a catchy tagline or a post game cliche, but an absolute way of life.

We still sleep in our baby blue undergear.

"The only thing better than a glass of beer is tea with Ms McGill."

We miss the "who's better?" section of The Hockey News, and still think Stan Fischler was almost ALWAYS wrong.  (Lafontaine over Yzerman?!?)

Kathryn Tappen.  Aint nothin wrong with that.

We still search Ebay for that old Yellow CCM bucket we lost in 98.

We think that most of the other companies out there selling hockey fans shirts are terrible (Violent Gentlemen excluded), and we're here to fix that.

If you love hockey the way we do, and are looking for some good quality shirts that fit the way a shirt is supposed to, you've come to the right place.  

Whether you're a young kid playing house league, a blue chip tearing up the "dub", or an old worn out man still tossing dangerous backhand sauce cross ice in your own zone just counting down the minutes til your in the locker room beer in hand telling the same old stories with the boys...we've got you covered.  

We supply everything but the Blood and the Guts.  Get after It.